The two meanings story
Read the whole story, please:
* In Khanukkah (a jewish holiday), Grandfather Nachman bought us gifts who were
good, and Dudu received gifts who were
* stinky and silly which weren't our business.
Dudu was very upset.
* we gave grandpa Nachman
some of the candies and Dudu was determined to give
* brutal punches and hits
to the couch. Uza hold a pussy in her hand,
* Then, i came to Uza,
i folded a paper
* and inserted IT to Uza's pussy. at the same time,
Uzi came to the room. since Uza wasn't friend of him,
* she started to yell and shout. Then, Dudu
saw the new computer i got and
* said "look at the performaces..." then,
Batz kicked himself in and tried to insert a CD. then,
* i yelled at him: "why do you interrupt,
do you want to get injured, you won't insert the CD,
* i will insert it, in force!" then,
Dudu, by mistake, stepped on the goose so
* uza shouted "ouch, you hurting me!" Dudu
moved his leg and at the same time he
* sticked his big an hairy finger
in his nose
* and moved it quickly and then uza
felt sick so she
* yelled. in the end of the day, Grandfather Nachman
went near the door and picked up the paintings he
* did in his hands (also: masturbated)
with his oil pencils, oil and
* with ointment. he finished (also: cummed)
to tell us about the history of the paintings. then Dudu brought a honey jar. Nachman sticked his hands in the jar
* and licked his fingers powerfully. then he told Uza
"it was very delicious,
* "would you like some?" then Dudu said:
"who can tell me what is the seventh letter in the ABC?" then uzi told him
* "G ! in this point, you will get it!
now shut up!"

Now, read only the lines that marked with "*", and you will get a funny story...