Dudu's favourite discs

Azriel.jpg (31079 bytes) This is Azriel Zevel (garbage) - the man, and the legend (the japanese one). The man who donated so many songs to the Israeli music in his new disc who has his name on it and contains the "hit" called: "give me a nickel". In this disc cover, Azriel is carrying a window border, at his job as a glazier.
Azriel2.jpg (19151 bytes) Azriel Zevel is sure that he is the chairman of the organization to the right of the workers and the chairman of the Israeli party - "one kind of people" --- Amir Peretz. The disc contains beautiful and charming songs of the old days...
Azriel3.jpg (21647 bytes) Azriel Zevel in his surprising disc - "THE GYNECOLOGIST". The disc contains songs about Azriel Zevel's tales in the births's room, stand up scenes and jokes.
Bitter1.jpg (40019 bytes) Avi Biter, the man and the food. Avi Biter shows in this disc his hungry sides of him. In the disc's cover, Avi Biter stands and holds a plate full of fries. The disc who called "Why does everyone eat my food?" extradites Avi Biter's thoughts and it is a clue about the content of the disc and the character of the song, as well.
Bitter2.jpg (42027 bytes) Avi Biter in the "hit" of "Stop the Calories!". Avi Biter created this protesting disc and took with him many believers and fans which protested with him againts the great number of the calories that doesn't stop. Don't be mistaken, although Avi Biter smiles and looks happy, in the reality, his is in a deep depression because of his calories problem. Others used to say that this is one of the reasons why Avi Biter began to sing depressing songs.
Bitter3.jpg (49000 bytes) Avi Biter and his assistant (her real name is being kept in secret in our system), under the nick name of "The beauty and the beast". The name of the disc is "easy prey". Like Avi's other discs, this disc also expresses his desire to food. In this disc, Avi's desire to human meat is revealed too.