Welcome to Dudu Zar's house!

1) Dudu's couch. As you can see, Dudu owns an old brown couch. The couch contains crap stains, rifts and a pizza. If you'll click on the pizza, you see the disgust that Dudu eats.
2) The door that leads, actually, to the corridor and not to the studio (like dudu misspelled). Click to enter.
3) Of course, Dudu didn't forget to install a Mezuzah (a parchment scroll). Click to see.
4) Dudu's rug (The same rug SCAT-MAN spitted on). The rug has blood stains that were caused by Ofra's menstruation and from the walloping pingy got.
5) Dudu's Television set. Dudu uses to watch "Parpar Nechmad" (Nice Butterfly) episodes and pornographic films that he borrows from the video library (or porn films he made by his own).
6) The wall. The wall is burnt in his upper side as a result of Dudu's human error. There's a little crack in the wall that was caused by slamming Pingy's head in the wall. To the right of this crack, there's a picture of Dudu and his brother - the knesset member (member of the Israeli parliament), DR. Azmi Bshara - the leader of an Arab party. Click on the picture to inlarge. Between the couch and the door there's a graffiti : "Ofra the MAN". Once upon a time, Ofra drove us crazy when she didn't prepare us dinner so we decided to humiliate her so we created this indelible graffiti. Upstairs, you can see spider's web. This is a result of Dudu's carelessness. I should add that the spiders are being attracted to Dudu's sweat smell. On the floor, there's a cockroach and a spray can.