Information Page:

This is Shabi, the character which is this whole site based on him. Shabi is a snail muppet who takes a big part in the educational television show - "Parpar Nechmad" (Nice Butterfly). Shabi is considered as the wise gut, the one who always have questions. Although he doesn't have any eyes, Shabi wears glasses. If he doesn't  wear them, he will be blind and have very difficult sight problems. Shabi, like the other muppets on the show, is made from a sock. Shabi uses to spend his time accompanied with Dudu Zar. shabi01.gif (8568 bytes)
zar01.gif (13766 bytes) This is the eternal host of the successful show - of course, this is DUDU ZAR! As you can see, Dudu Zar has a thick moustache and impossible curled hairs. Dudu is oriental. He takes his guitar to every place he just can. Almost in each episode of  "Parpar Nechmad", Dudu succeeds to sing one or two of his silly songs. Dudu Zar will always be glad to explain Shabi, Uza and the other muppets, simple things (for example: Why do people use umbrella when it rains). Dudu Zar has always surprises for the muppets.
This is Uza, the goose muppet. Uza is a friend of Shabi. They used to date with each other, until Shabi caught her cheating on him with Batz and from that moment, they stayed friends, but not more than that. Uza is considered smart too. She sometimes explain Shabi things he can't understand by himself. Uza is a sock. She has big eyes and eyebrows, a large yellow beak and a red coxcomb. She also has scales all over her body. Not to mention her voice, oh my god... uza01.gif (8568 bytes)
zar01.gif (13766 bytes) This is Dr. Azmi Bshara, Dudu Zar's brother. Azmi is a Doctor to philosophy. Dr. Bshara is also a Knesset-member (member in the Israeli parliament). He is the chairman of the Arab party "Balad". Dudu and Azmi were brought up together, but Azmi was in first priority, so he was the one who got education. Dudu said at home and got the hits. Look at Azmi, he looks almost the same as Dudu. They both have this weird moustache. Let's see you finding the differences! :-)

Other Characters: Batz - a turtle muppet, considered to be stupid and sluggish. He has no life, everyone hopes for his death; Nuli - a chick muppet. Nuli is very stupid. She always miss her period. Nuli is yellow and has awful voice; PINGY - is a pain in the ass penguin. Pingy came to us from the cold land of Antarctica. Pingy always has to ask something, unless - he won't feel good. An advice: If you see a stupid penguin walking in the street murmuring to himself, PLEASE, stay away from this guy - IT COULD BE DANGEROUS; Ofra Veingerten (female), Uzi Hitman (male), Effi Ben-Israel (female) - They are the other hosts of the show, except Dudu Zar. Ofra Veingerten is an actress in Israeli Films, Uzi Hitman is a composer and he also used to host a show called "Halom Aleychem" (literal translation from Hebrew: Dream on You) - He made dreams come true in this show [The show didn't succeeded, but it  is still being broadcasted reaired]. Effi Ben-Israel hasn't neglected the show. She haven't probably found something else to do. Saba Nachman (also known as grandfather Nachman) - He is a rare guest in the show. Others say that he is a guest of honor. Saba (grandpa in Hebrew) Nachman loves everybody, and he is a specialist for celebrating the Jewish Holidays as written in the bible. When Saba Nachman is angry, his walking sick could be dangerous.