Attention: this Man has rabies And he might be Very dangerous.

This man suffers from a very hard rabies disease. He have been bitten while he was painting the “Parpar Nechmad” (Nice Butterfly) studio’s chimney. Please keep a distance of 5 feet at least away from this dangerous creature.
Dudu Zar’s rabies Symptoms
1.Black and sparkling eyes.
2.Wide and complicated curls.
3.An extremely wide moustache.
4.Brown teeth.
5.Shit between the eyes.
6.Shaving foam within the mouth.
7.Protruding neck veins.
8.Tendency to play silly thing with the guitar.
9.Urinating while sitting.
10.) Attachment of armpit’s hairs with the moustache. *
11) Growing of a long hairy tail.

One of Shabi’s stories: How did Dudu Zar get his rabies?
The whole story begins with Ofra. She decided to change her last name from Vyngerten to Viagra-Nten, because of the Viagra thing. Those days, Dudu Zar worked as a painter at the studio’s chimney. He painted the chimney with oil and attached the bricks with horse’s shit. Ofra was hot about Dudu. The view of sweating Dudu made it. She also loved his protruding ass. When Dudu asked for water, Ofra gave him, by mistake, a glass of rats-poison. Dudu fell down into the hot-oil bucket. The oil was splashed randomly, and hit Nuli. The injured Nuli started to sing Eyal Golan’s (a very popular oriental Israeli singer). Dudu woke up. He found himself lying in pets-hospital. Ofra worked there as a nurse. Dudu and Ofra got hot about each other and later it was too much so Dudu asked me to buy some Viagra form him. I got to the pharmacy. The pharmacist told me that they ran out of it. So I ordered Carbosilan capsules (Gas avoiding medicine). When I got out from the pharmacy, I found an empty pack of Viagra. I inserted the Carbosilan capsules into the empty pack and went back to the hospital. I came back. Dudu was too lustful. There was some mucus dripping out of his mouth. Dudu couldn’t wait anymore. He took the pack and swallowed one capsule by his thick mucus. He took his pants off and started to wait. After 2 minutes of disappointment, Dudu lost his mind and swallowed the whole pack. After 2 seconds, Dudu started to see us distorted. Suddenly, he started to stink like a sprinkler. Ofra was excited and started to sing: “spin, spin, sprinkler”. At that time, Dudu was attached to a gray-brain-cells-suction-machine. One leg of Ofra pushed a button of the machine, by mistake. This button caused the machine to penetrate gray brain-cells into Dudu’s head. Dudu started to say strange words, which reminded Scat-Man, the famous Singer. Ofra accompanied Dudu with a guitar. The party continued into the night. In the next morning, Dudu woke up while his big toes are in his mouth. He was moving his arms up and down like a mentally ill. He asked me in silly voice: “What the hell, did you put on my Viagra?” I answered quickly: “forget about the Viagra, we have a special show to film in 30 minutes!” Dudu was anxious: “Let’s call SCAT-MAN and ask him to perform in our show. We would sing the ‘I always stay myself’ in a special duet!” Nuli brought the phone and dialed the home for aged number. She asked him to perform in the show. SCAT-MAN was excited and promised Nuli he will date her. Nuli slammed the phone and declared: “The old guy is coming”. After 5 minutes, somebody knocked the door. It wasn’t SCAT-MAN. It was Uzi Hitman. He nailed his hand to the door again… Dudu was cruel and tear Uzi’s hand and kicked him away. Uzi rolled down the stairs while he was singing the ’ABC’ song. Uzi didn’t know the English ABC very well. He forgot what letter comes after D, so he made up new letters in unknown language. Then, he came up against Nuli’s fossils collection vase. In the same moment, SCAT-MAN has arrived. He was mad about Batz’s armor. He told Batz that his age is exactly the numbers of the squares on his armor. SCAT-MAN started to count. Eventually, he concluded that Batz is 1000 years old. (in Hebrew, ‘1000 years old’ had another meaning of ‘son of thousand women’, kind of a curse). Batz grew up in a problematic neighborhood. He understood the meaning from the beginning. Batz was angry. He wanted revenge. He pumped SCAT-MAN’s ant. SCAT-MAN was freaking out. His moustache started to shake like a vibrator. He started to murmur strange word like: “ ba Bo bi ba pobdi po Pei pey”. He caught Batz, turned him over and stabbed him 92 times (92 are the Hebrew numerology of the word ‘Batz’). After Batz was being stabbed, Uzi shouted 92 times. The whole gang discovered that Uzi has a personality of a turtle. After it, SCAT-MAN spitted a very big and gorgeous spitting on Dudu’s new Rug. Dudu’s necks-vein started to shake. Dudu started to curse in Moroccan Language. SCAT-MAN started to curse in Yemeni Language. Ofra Hazza’s (Ofra Hazza is a famous Israeli singer, Yemeni outlet).
* This symptom is rare and it happens only in serious conditions.