Broadcasting from the raft
In the beginning, “Nice Butterfly” was a show of a pirate radio station, which was broadcasted from a raft by Dudu Zar and me. We were the main broadcasters. The whole equipment on the raft took 90% of the room on it, so Dudu and I used to sleep tightly to each other. Sometimes, one of us used to sleep in the water and the other was holding his tie, for he won’t sink. It was very difficult, especially in the rainy December. One time, we caught a radio wave of plane, and we navigated pilot to Iran. After few minutes, we could hear shots. A day after, it was reported in the news that a plane was navigated to Iran. After a short while, Shosh Atari and Giroa Topaz (Shosh Atari and Giroa Topaz have a commercial on TV that calls to close the pirate radio stations) caught us. Shosh jumped on our raft like a pirate and started to roar: “Who the fuck disturbs to my show and courses people from BAT-YAM??” (BAT-YAM is a city in Israel). Dudu started to roll his eyes quickly until he got apoplexy and his eyes were crossed. I told him that he looks like Maxim Levi (a cross-eyed member in the Israeli parliament). Shosh Atari took out her handcuffs from her armpit and tear him in cross. Then, she put him on her kayak and started to float to the way of BAT-YAM. In that time, I was dressed on Dudu’s leg and I suffered from stench. When we arrived to BAT-YAM, Shosh Atari declared: ”Hey, people, this is the idiot who courses the people from BAT-YAM in my show!”. All the people caught Dudu and hit him. Six days after, Dudu found himself lying in “Doctor Assaf” hospital, while he was in a brain-comma. He succeeded to murmur the only song he could compose by himself (although he copied it from the Koran) :

The dawn will come up
And the dream will come true
And if the sun won’t rise
I’ll make sure it will rise with punches

And there were a boy and a girl walking
And I am a little bit pedophile
And my eyes began to roll
I am such a jackass
H-e-e-e-e-ello to you
Hello to you
Hello to you hits!
And how are you
And how are you
And how are you, hits?!
The doctors saw Dudu’s conditions are getting worse, so they injected to him Atropine. Dudu started to have convulsions and to urinate on the bed. I tried to crawl down the bed, but a doctor treaded on me, so I had to rebuild myself. Pingy entered the room and said loudly: ”leave him alone, you jerks! You caused a short circuit in the whole building!”. The doctors responded: “so what do you have to suggest, you piece of goose?” Pingy was very angry and he started bleeding from his nose. “Can’t you see I am a penguin?!” ,he responded, “I suggest to execute this distinguished man, in the ‘inquisition’ club. I heard good things about it. Come on, load him up!”. The doctors threw Dudu’s corpse on pingy’s back. Pingy’s penguin costume was ruined. Pingy went out from the hospital and went to the way of the “inquisition” club. The time was 11:00. Finally, in 19:00 pingy arrived, without any track-mobile will ran him off. The guard of the club, Sasha Biton, which was a newcomer from Russia, was pingy’s friend so he kicked him in. Dudu stood up on his legs. Pingy and Dudu entered to the “dark room”. The room’s guide introduced himself in a heavy Cossack accent: “My name is Charlie Zariashvilli and I am the one who controls the things in this room.” Dudu started to blink his eye, because his eyebrow fell into his eye. Charlie continued: “I am here to make sure you will have fun. Last week, Avi Toledano (an Israeli singer) cam here and I made him rollings in his breasts. He started to sing ‘I want to go back home’, and ran away like Shimon Peres.” Pingy’s eyes started to sparkle
Me and Dudu broadcasting from the raft...