A story
By: Eliran Cohen, a man who surfed abroad the site and found it right to send us a story via E-mail.

- Case 256638 (as the number of the show's episodes) : An attempt to kill Batz By Grandfather Nachman -

On Monday, 12/3/93, Batz's corpse was found in "Parpar Nechmad"'s toilet room, near the performance room. 25 bullets of 17mm gun were probably emptied on that poor turtle, which his corpse was found tied and unconscious in the electricity box, between the metal wires that wrapped his green neck. It seems to be that the little turtle went to empty his bladder in the special turtle-toilet facility that was installed in the men toilets, during the reviews to the Purim (a Jewish holiday) special. He also intended to have a glass of beer, since he was addicted to alcohol. Batz, who used to wear a bulletproof vest under his skinny armor, forgot this time to wear it on. By mistake, he entered to the ladies toilets. Unfortunately, Shlomit (the host with the braid), "The ravaging" - like she was called, together with Uza, arrived in the ladies toilets after a shooting lesson in a near building. The drunken Batz asked Shlomit what were she doing there, in the men toilets. Then, by reports of relatives, there were screams caused by abuse of the poor turtle. Of course, Shlomit and Uza denied everything until the investigators showed them the exercise corner of Igal Dever (who the hell is he?), who caused them sufferings and pains. The investigators succeeded to clarify that Uza pulled out a giant "Tomigun" and sprayed the whole area. Afterwards, Shlomit became crazy and smashed Batz's testicles. In his last powers, Batz succeeded to turn his back to the right toilet cabinet, whose Grandfather Nachman was there, trying to find his wig. Others say that Nissim Garrame (a singer) was there too, but he couldn't be seen due to the large amount of fans that were around him. Batz became a green puddle. He felt sick, he wanted to vomit his liquids. He could barely move. He reached to the window and vomited his liquids. This puke landed on innocent people in the street, and paralyzed them. This colorful vomit was consisted of unknown materials, to the opinion of specialists. Grandfather Nachman tried to help the turtle. He prodded Batz in his armor. The sensitive Batz got an epileptic attack, fell from the window and was ran over by a tractor. He was smeared on the road and was bounced by a Thai man to the electricity box. Indeed, there are factors that object the assumption that Grandfather Nachman murdered Batz, but of course, like in any other affair, the press is guilty.