A story
By: Ram Sobol, another man who surfed in the site and sent us a story via e-mail (ram_1234567@hotmail.com).

Dudu's Drugs affair

It was another cold night of the winter. The yelling police patrol cars are looking for Dudu Zar, the man with the moustache, that in the same night had landed in the "Ben-Gurion" airport with 2 kg. of Kanbos and cocaine that he smuggled from Mexico in his thick moustache. Of course, they caught him but Dudu Zar farted a farting that is unbelieveable (scientists that had examined the place reported that this is a gas that martians, like Dudu, puff.) and landed straight into the box they had made for him. The following day, Pingy (that was the payment for the drugs) spitted into the water glass of the man that Dudu bought the drugs. The same man has died after he drank the filth that Pingy spitted. After a week, Pingy found himself sitting on electric chair. He said to the cops: "I have some information about drugs exchange case, please don't electrify me!". The cops didn't understand Hebrew, so they pushed the handle and grilled Pingy. Meanwhile, Dudu hired a penguin from a pet-store. He attached him a little tie, made by Ofra,and a label of "1.20 Shekels (the Israeli currency)". With the help of this poor dying animal (each animal that is accompanied by Dudu Zar for more than two days get a terminal disease), he succeeded to broadcast those "Parpar Nechmad" episodes crap. He survived for a week. And Pingy, that was thrown to Missisipy and was floating there for 5 days, escaped from there, painted himself with erasing liquid, found a suitcase with money that was sufficient exactly for a ticket to Israel, and he came back to his motherland: Ofra's sewing-machine. And this is the story about large-moustache and damn penguin.