Dudu Zar's toilet

Here's the disgusting toilet of Dudu Zar. The water in it isn't replaced because we don't have a water can. Dudu is also not a spectacular intelligent so he uses to miss, that's why there are clods and stains of shit and crap. The same thing with the toilet paper. Above the water, there are three stink layers: a shit layer, a dry shit layer and a mould layer. The orange pipe is cracked and there is some trash pulling out of the pipe. If you will examine it closely, you would be able to see Dudu's "Bida" facility. It helps Dudu to clean his ass after he does what he does. BUT, the "Bida" works like an enema. It flushes water in an unbelieveable tempo. That is probably the reason why Dudu has pains in the ass every time he tries to sit. Besides, the toilets works fine. Really!