Super natural powers

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Helping ill people and suffering people
Rabbi Mazuz was fascinated - the patient rolled on the floor !!! by: holy Dudu Zar

Thousands of animals are rushing to the door of Dudu zar - the miracle possessor, and ask him to do them experiments. Dudu Zar performed in many popular television shows such as "You see it - you buy it" with Dalick Voliniz (a shopping commercial) and "My Bat-Yam" in the local channel.

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Rabbi Mazuz slams an egg on Dudu Zar's Head
Rabbi Mazuz recommends to visit Dudu Zar's clinic: Part3.jpg (27541 bytes)

Dudu zar and O.V. (The full name is being kept in the stereo system), 30 minutes after she died after her visit in Dudu Zar's clinic.

The powers are from Alla (god of the muslims) and onwards

Our dear friend, Mr. Dudu Zar.

I was witness to discover that Alla blessed you with super natural powers. Because of this, i recommend everyone to come and visit in your dirty clinic.





Rabbi Meir Mazuz

The tumour aggravated.... In a bright day, a rabies infected child arrived to the clinic. Dudu Zar the magician chose all the methods and kicked the ill child. The child started to fly in the air. Then, he fell down to the floor and started to shiver and vomit foam from his mouth.
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Rabbi Kaduri slams an egg on Dudu Zar's Head Rabbi Mazuz, who was witness to this, couldn't stop laughing and fell down to the floor.






Dudu Zar accepts patients in the back yard.

The center of registering patients for  super natural treatment by DUDU ZAR.

Phone Number: 1111111111

Dudu Zar stops hair shedding from pubis and armpit!