Secret STUFF:
Hey! I`m so stupid! I already wrote this mail yesterday, but because i mixed up the letters in your e-mail-adress, the mail returned to sender. So instead of finding post from you on my server, i received my own answers. Well, here is the mail from yesterday: > > > okay, i must say thanks for your honest answers and the interesting song. > Well, > where should i start? sex or song? > Okay, sex: thinking about being with a girl was never a subject for me. > writing > mails with you is the first time I´m really thinking about it. But i must say > I > don`t like these thoughts. the imagination to kiss a girl, or even more, > gives > me an uneasy and repulsive feeling. And just trying for the try ? No, that > would > never come to my mind. I really only want to kiss boys! > sado- maso is also a thing that i do not want. My idea about sex is very much > connected with love, and love excludes spanking and harm for me. > may i ask you about your friends? are most of them hetero- or bi- sexual? do > you > also have homo-sexual friends? The only not hetero person i know is my > 29-years > old cousin. how old are your friends? are they all rock fans, can you give me > some exemples of your favourite bands, i would like to find out about them. > I`m > just asking because i would like to know what people i will get used to when > i`m > in isreal. i have the impression, you are not only not ordinary, but your > total > life and friends are ... maybe strange- sorry, it isn`t meant mad. maybe that > are weird questions, but: for exemple: do you or any of your friends take > drugs? > wearing black clothes maybe? anything like that? i believe my picture is made > of > prejudices... > Fix me up with a friend of yours? Of course i would like to get used to some > nice guys. Are you thinking of somebody special ? please only hetero boys, no > masochists, aged 18 and above... you know. I would say, let wait and see. > > okay, to your song. good poetry! it sounds good,but i believe it sounds a > little > bit dark. if i would write songs i would write about beautiful things, joy, > love... you know. i`m a little bit romantic and like trash. > does this song have any connection to you? Are you sometimes tired of living? > of > course you have not to answer. Another point came to my mind was the conflict > in > your country. A soldier making suicide.. does the song have any polital > statement? Or are you just writing down words that are coming to your mind? > > well, that was hard stuff today, wasn`t it? > :-) > yours Susanne > > --- How was school:-)? I enjoy relaxing... Yes, i heared about the terrorist in tel aviv. I believe you are supposed to stay at home because of it. Are you frightened? I must say i`m really a little bit. The other exchange students and our teacher are talking about this problem a lot and probably your teacher also told you that we still have the opportunity to cancell our visit in israel. but i do not hope that it will come so far. But maybe you can tell me something about the way the palestinian terror is concerning your life and the life of your family and in school. Sizes? i don`t know why i wrote about it - it just came to my mind. May you tell me why you expected me to be a virgin? What a impression did i make? shy, prudish? okay- yes i had anything else then kisses.Of course not only kisses on lips,but kisses all over the body. touching each other, caressing and kissing breasts, satisfieing me with his hand- but thats it, i did not lick/suck/blow(?) his penis. he did sexual satisfaction for me, but he realized i don`t wanted to do for him, because it was only fourth time we were meeting,so he was was in autumn i met that boy,he was 22 and also wanted to have sex with me, but it all went to fast for me. i liked him and also wanted sex, but i needed time, that he did not want to give me, so i said goodbye. Do you liked sex? i believe yes:-) Did you prefer sex with the boy or the girl? i wanna say that talking about sex is maybe a little problem for me, i just do with my best friend, but writing in a mail is much easier. sometimes i really have the feeling that i already know you along time. So, please go on asking if you want to. oh-what means the expression 24-7 wild orgy? of course i know wild orgy, but whats the meaning behind that number? thank you a lot for the words in hebrew! you are right, it`s diffficult, but I´ll try. I´ll ask you for more words when i know this very well. okay, having tea konw, my mom made a fantastic cake! looking forward to your answers, yours susanne ----------- Hi jasmin! I´m sorry that it took me again so long to answer your last mail. There were a lot of family activities this weekend, i told you about that close friend visiting us. Yesterday we went to one of my favourite clubs in town and had a really good party until five o`clock. so i slept long today. Have you been out this weekend and had a lot of fun too? To your questins:i know the rocky horror picture show but i had never seen it, because that are usually not thing i like, but maybe we can do together here in germany or in israel. Handy! I just wanted to know if you have a mobile phone. Don`t you know the expression handy? Do you know SMS- short message sender? there will definetly be no snow when you are here. Probeably rain, but i hope sun will shine. But you can look forward to the wheater here, because it´s likely that you can where long shirts all the time. i believe you will find some clothes here in germany, it´s no problem to find pants you want, but i`m not sure if they are wide enough to cover all your shoes. May i ask you about your weight? What about the sizes in israel? I have round about 58kilos, i would like to have less, but i`m satisfied. I have size 36, but it depends on the label. The smallest one is 34, sometimes 32, and it goes up 46, 48.That are the normal size here, but of course ther are many different for special clothes or special firms from the usa or italy. okay, lets talk about sex :-) and of course conected with that love. I cannot say a lot about it, because you are right: I`m still a virgin. Do you believe it`s unnormal for an eighteen year old girl? I hope you also have no problem with talking about that, please say when you don`t wanna say some things. I´ll promise you to tell nobody and i want you to keep things i tell you in this connection to keep as a secret. Okay, i must confess i never had a really relationship. Maybe you believe I´m prudish or something like that, but i just want to wait for the right guy.i met a lot of boys, but it was all just having fun. I can give you an actually exemple. Here it is: Yesterday at the party i met the boy i mentioned in my last mail. yesterday it was just the 4. time i met him and his best friend, who is also very nice and funny. we hold contact over 4 or 5 month by telephone.We always agreed that everything we do is only just for fun. I mean, we kissed and spent all the evening together. but he told me from the first time that, he does not want to have a relationship- with absolutely no girl. because i thought, that he won`t be a good boyfriend, i did not worry and just had fun. I must say i really enjoyed that three evenings...But yesterday there was something different. When i saw him talking to another girl i felt a bit jealous, and he realized that i was not in the mood to have fun with him( kissing and dancing), and so he asked whats wrong. and we had a long talk about our feelings and expectations. I had to confess that i like him more than i always said. he told me a million times that he is so sorry and it was absolutly not his intention to hurt me. so we decided to keep up contact like we did ever, but nothing more, because he wants to be independent. so i`m somewhat dissapointed now. okay that was just a little story out of my life; i just wrote i down to digest my feelings, it`s a little bit like writing a diary. it like a typical exemple of things happening to me. One the one hand i don`t like boy, because i don`t want everybody to be part of my life, or on the other hand, it`s the other way around, and the boy already has a girlfriend, lives too far away, just want to have sex, etc. I have bad luck in things like this i believe. So, what about you. Are you a virgin? i don`t wanna say anything wrong, but i must confess i wa really surprised to read you have sexual interest in boys and girls. Especially you are 15. Don´t understand me wrong, i have no prejudices against it, I´m just not used to it. Do you tell everybody, do your parents, friends, school knows. I´m sorry when I´m asking stupid question, of course you need`nt answer when you don`t want to. What do you mean when you said i have to learn how to swear in hebrae? whats the meaning of swear? But i would really like to learn some words. Maybe you can tell me first..: Please (german: bitte) Thank you(danke), hallo(hallo), yes and no(ja und nein), How are you? (wie geht es dir?), I`m fine (mir gehts gut), whats your name?( wie heißt du?), my name is susanne ( ich heiße susanne), Where are you from? (wo kommst du her ?), I´m from germany.( ich komme aus deutschland), How old are you? (wie alt bist du?), I´m 18/19 years old.(ich bin 18/19 jahre alt; for you: ich bin fünfzehn (15) jahre alt). okay- that`s it. Pooh, that was really a lot today i believe, but thats the way i am. when i start talking i will talk long time. My parents say hallo to you, please say hallo to yours too. until the next mail, bye susanne ------ How are you? I´m very tired- i will not go out tonight. the party yesterday was very funny, i drunk much, but not too much.I went home at 3.30 and got up at 6.30, had a shower, breakfast, school until 14.00. then i wanted to sleep in the afternoon, but the telephone rang, i had to answer my SMSe, etc. Do you have a handy? At 17.00 a very good friend of our family arrived here to stay in hamburg until sunday. So i decided to stay at home today and go early to bed.on monday there is no school because it is a there are two more days to party. But there is also a lot of work for school... I thought about one thing you asked me: If i like boys, girls or both. Do you mean if most of my friends are female or male, or do you mean sexuell interest? I already told i have no boyfriend, but i would like to. What about you?? i`ll hope to see a boy i really like this weekend... Tomorrow my best friend will change their room in the house of their parents and move to the basement, where she will have her own kitchen and bathroom. but i believe she will never cook. Well, i will go to help her with all the stuff. I just heared on Tv that there are about 30°C in tel aviv- thats great. Will it be so warm in autumn too? here are maybe 15 or 20°C now, cloudy, rain. You must be lucky to have sun and high temperatures here in hamburg, May was quiet okay. Oh, i remember you asked me about my favourite films- mmh -also a problematic question. i`m not very good in things like this too. I do not know the english name, but i like the film with tom cruise and nicole kidman, that in gemany is called "In a country far away", its an old one. I like james bond films, mission impossible, etc.Last film i saw in the cinema was with jane reno called "the purpur rivers????"I don`t like horror- films very much.I watch films like titanic, romeo and juilet, but i would not call them my favourite films. Do you like guys like leonardo di caprio or brad pitt? i do not like them. I believe they have a babyface, or a milk-face you would call it here in germany. Do you like watching sports? I enjoy watching sports, especially football. that might sound strange for a girl.... but i do. Okay , now i´m not only tired i`m also hungry. I must say eating is like a hobby for me :-). a hug from me to you, susanne ---------------------- Hallo Jasmin ! I hope you will like learning a little german. Please write me some sentences in german when you have learned some vocabulary. That might be very interesting. It is really no problem to go to rock clubs, as long as it isn`t heavy metal. On partys rock is more than okay. But don`t worry about that, this is not so important for me, as lond as there good peole with happy mood.I believe we will also find clubs here that you will like. But lets wait and see. I also have no problems with cats but i also cannot say that i love them. I don`t worry about fur on me or my clothes, but i believe I`m a little bit frightend when they walk over me or jump on me while I´m sleeping. I believe when i know your cats i will get used to it , so please don`t worry. There will be no bad influence on your litle sisters from my side, i do not smoke all day long. I smoke maybe 10 cigarettes a month, it`s really just sometimes on partys. Please , my parents believe that i have never touched any! cigarette, and i don`t want them to change their attitude. But they have nothing against smoking generous. My dad also smokes regularly, but my mom is a strict no-smoker. She advises my dad only to smoke on the balcony or in the kitchen, because there the window is openend all day long. how much do you smoke a day? Will it be a problem not to smoke in the living room and my room? But don`t worry, my parents will not say any word to my teachers or eveb to your techers, many people from our school smoke and i would say they tolerate this. when we are talking about our homes , i want to tell you that our flat is not very big, but for one family it is quiet okay. I´m sorry that you won`t get your own room, but my one is big enough. I have a big couch in it, that can also work as a bed. So your sleeping place is even bigger than my bed. I hope you will agree, that for 11 days (i realized you are really short time here in Hamburg) it will work well. What about your house? Do you and your sister have their own rooms? To your last question: I like boys, but I don`t have a boyfriend. What about you? I would like to know sth. about your look. I mean, I´m 1.74meters tall, my hair falls nearly on my shoulder and is coulored dark-blond, my eyes are blue. I have no piercings or tatoos, there are just 4 holes in my ears ( two in each ear). I wear trousers most times and clothes that are sportic. daily i don`t like dress up, but sometimes when i go out I do. Unfortunately i cannot send you a photo by the internet but if you write me your adress, i´ll send you one.I would also really like to have a photo of yours, is it possible. I´ll give you mine adress too: Susanne Obelode Heegbarg 87 22395 Hamburg Germany. Well, i have to return to school now. In the afternoon i must go to my doctor:-( My parents wanted me to make a check on my blood. In the evening there will be a great party at school. The 13th grade has passed there final exams, and today and on friday they have there last day with lessons.I`m in the 12th grade.In what grade are you? I´m looking forward to the party because you know most people going there. I believe you would like it too, because you pay entry and then can drink all night long as much as you can get :-). You realize, our teachers are very tolerant; some will even come to the party. okay, bye bye, susanne ------------------ Thanks for your answers. My mom does not speak any foreign language because she had never learned. she learned english for some years at school and then she worked as a nurse. for that job it wasn`t important for her to speak english and so she forgot nearly everything. when she married my dad when she was 24 and my sister was born in the same year, she became a housewife and still is until now. I believe it is very hard for her not to know what to do now. she would like to work, but it is really a problem. I believe she is not very satisfied, nonetheless she loves her husband and her kids.I hope my life will develop different, although I would like to have a family too. lets say, i love my mom and i admire her but that is not the life i`m dreaming of. my dad works in a bank in the city of hamburg. he and my sister are alowed to speak english and a little french as well as me. I want to say that I´m very sorry what had happend to your grand-father. Here in germany me and other young peole are really not! joking about holocaust. We talk about it a lot in school and i also have my own feelings and thoughts. The father of my dad was in second world war for the germans, although he did not wanted to go. i talked about it to him, before he died 5 or 6 years ago. he, and i believe a lot others too, really felt repentance. but thats no excuse! my grandpa had never been in the political party of hitler, but nevertheless he was guilty like everybody, who had not said anything against it!You are right, that is a very dificult subject, but i hope that we will be able to face us as teenagers that want to know more about another country and culture, and not see us only as Jews and germans. okay, another theme: music. as i said i like listing to music. i like black music, soul and everything with good vocals. but sometimes, especially on partys i also like pop,rock, maybe hiphop, etc. What i reallly don`t like is techno and also house i don`t like listening to. I don`t know very many band s and titles of songs.Here in germany in the charts there in this time J.lopez, madonna, Shaggy(there are two songs of him i really like, "It wasn`t me"), their is new song from Nelly Furtado, do you know? As you can realize I have really bad knowledge in that. I had neverplay any instrument and I´m a person that is called "unmusical".But i like music, everytime i hear a good song, I´m in good mood! -thats all I can say! Okay, fortunately many teachers are ill today and so i have much free time. I will relax, because i`m still very tired from holidays and last weekend. In the early evening i will go to play volleyball. But first of all i have to call some people i have not spoken to the last days/weeks. one thing i wanted to know is when your birthday is? mine 19th birthday is on august 24th. so, thats it :-) yours susanne ----------- Hi Jasmin! how are you? I`m a little bit in a hurry. I just arrived at home, because we had a meeting with the group that will go to israel.We talked about the programm here in Hamburg and berlin and also looked at the one your teacher was sending to us. I´m really looking forward to it! Further more today it`s the birthday of my dad and so I had to get up early in the morning to have breakfast together, and later in the evening we will all have dinner, but normally we have dinner together every evening. Whar about you ? I`ve got one question: Only me and one other girl received mails from Israel. Can you tell why the others of your group have not written yet? Here everybody is waiting and hoping every day since I´ve told you have written. Are you enjoying your holidays? Nice party or sit in yesterday? My mom was lucky to hear that you are eating un-kosher food. Is it really no problem? I would be very interested to no more about religion in your family. I don`t now very much about jewish habbits, but I would really like to know. Do you or your parents go to the synagoge (or how do you call it?) regularly? How do you celebrate Sabbat (exuse me when I don`t know the correct words)?? Another thing of interset are the holy days, that Jews celebrate when we are in Israel, I believe there are two, aren`t there? I hope you don`t believe I ask too many questions. Don`t hesitate to ask me everything you want to know too. What about your family? Have they always lived in Israel? Wherer are their roots? My family has always lived in germany.There are some relatives in Denmark, but thats it.My dad is from the western part of germany and my mom was born in a little village north of hamburg, near the baltic sea. I really like the baltic sea, we will go there together if you want in september. Probably you know that there are two different confession of christianity: Catholics and Protestants. We are protestants, but we go only a few times in the year to church, for exemple X-mas and easter. In our daily life you will realize nothing religious. But nonetheless I can say that I believe in God, but I just do my own way.Okay enough about that.I believe you better ask when you want to know. Please send greetings to your family! Enjoy your holidays, :-), susanne oh, before i forget totally: i never answered to your question if i have ICQ. I´m sorry, but we don`t have. Oh and i also wanted to ask you what languages you speak. I only speak german, english and a little bit french. I believe it will be very funny when your are here, because my mom is not allowed to speak any foreign language. well, thats it, ciao susanne ------------ Thanks for your answer. meeting friends at the weekend is what I do too. Since we are allowed to go to discos and clubs for people aged 18 and above, we often go out in the city of hamburg. sometimes we stay until the sun rises and when we don`t like music or people we leave earlier. No, normally I do not smoke, but sometimes on partys I do, for exemple last week on holidays I smoked a lot. And we also drunk a lot- even too much sometimes... What are your favourite drinks? I don`t like any Liquers or sweet stuff and also no beer. I like most long drinks and things that taste bitter. Usually I started drinking less in the last month, in connection to the point that I started driving by car. Do you smoke regularly or just on partys/ weekends? Have you talked with your teachers about hamburg? Has he told you or do you know anything about the Reeperbahn or The Kiez? Thats were life is in Hamburg at night. Our teacher told me that our excheange students won`t like smoking and drinking, because in Israel, and ecspecially you are younger, people could be shocked , when they go to partys in germany.Is it that what you meant when you wrote you are not an ordinary girl from israel??? What about the other exchange students, whats there attitude? Well, I believe we will have a good time together.... What can you tell me about a girl called Maya ? She was writing to a very good friend of mine. Okay, I forgot all other things I wanted to ask you! So..- Bye, bye, Susanne --------- Hallo Jasmin ! Sorry, that it took me so long to answer you.We had one week holidays and I went to Mallorca, probably you know that spanish island, with two girlfriends,that will also take part in this exchange.I really enjoyed that week,we went to some interessting places of the island,had some partys and of course were just relaxing on the beach. But enough about that,probably you want to know more about me too. I am 18 years old and I have one sister, who is twenty years. She is going to university, but still lives at home.there is a very good realationsship between us,she is a really good friend.I don`t know what you already know from the information paper, so I will start over again.We live in a flat, me, my sister Michaela, my mom and dad.We only have one little bird here.I play a little volleyball, but in the moment it`s problematic, because I have to find a new club, because we are less people in the old team.I like music too, but I do not really have any idea about it. I can only listen and say if I like or if I do not like.Do you also play any instruments? I believe ten o`clock is okay. Three years ago i was not allowed to stay out any longer too.But know most days I can decide on my own when to come home. My mom is not longer so afraid, since she knows that I have got a drivers license and so can take my parents car and come home safely.Nevertheless she is always waiting for me, because she do not want to sleep, when she does not exactly know where I am. Monday there is school again and I still have to read a very long book for the german class; it`s still about 700 pages. But first I will go to the shopping center, that is fortunatly only about five minutes to walk from my home.Do you like shoppig? I really do but most times I have less or even no money. What are you doing at the weekends?For exemple this weekend? Is there school on Saturdays in Israel? Here in Hamburg we are so lucky and never have school on Saturday, but in other parts of Germany there stil is school on every second saturday. Okay, I wish you a good weekend! Waiting for your answer, susanne ------------- From: (obelode) ------------- Hello Susanne. my name is Jasmin Galker from Israel. Its about the studant ex-change program my school and yours are heaving. so I thought maybe to wrute a bit about my self.. but first, if you have ICQ it will be much easyer. If so, my ICQ no' is 4098670. Any how... Who am I ...right? Okay, Im 15 years. I've got three little sister who are 10, 12 and 13 years old. I hope you like cats because I've got two of them, a mail and a femail. I also have a fish pool abs about three chickens. My first love is music- rock, rock n' roll, punk, grung, techno, glam, 50's, 60's, 70's and a lot more... I also like to draw and write sons. I used to be a manager of a punk band called "the scrumbles from mars". Any how... most of the group on the program got a bit mad because of the 'get back home at 10 o'clock' thing... but I guess its okay... well... pleasr write me back.. JASMIN ------------- Hello :) I'm so glad you finely answerd. well.. on weekends I usualy go out clubing with friends or friends come to party in my room :) we drink, we smoke and just having fun. but dont get me as the perfect example of an Israely 15 years old. I'm not that much of a normal israely 15 years old. lets just say, that from all of the exchange students, your trip will be the most interesting. do you drink or smoke? I dont play any instrument. I use to play the flut when I was about 8 years old. Of coures I like shopping :) When youll be here Ill take you to some interesting shops i know. here we dont have school on saturdays and fridays are short school days. When I go out my mom doesnt usualy stay up, waiting for my because I usualy come back at 4 or 6 o'clock in the morning. well...thats all for now. waiting for your answer Jasmin -- Hello ! Okay, I have tried grass and hashish. I try to have long brakes between each time I take it because I don?t want to get addicted to it. About your friend Mirco, crazy people are always the best. (you?ll find a lot of thise in Israel!) You said you are happy that a strange girl is your exchange partner; you have no idea what a great complement that was. :) About my best friend, I don?t think he?ll resist being fixed up. His name is Tzvika. Its not a very ordinary name in Israel. My mom told me Tzvika means a kind of personification of the name Hirsch in German. This name was more common 50 years ago. A lot of people tell him he looks like a lot of different famous people: Jim Morison, Bono from U2 and a lot more. He has black curly hair, brown eyes? I think. I don?t know? but he looks really great. I can?t tell you if he looks sexy or anything like that because I don?t look at him that way. But he?s really sweet. At Friday he came to sleep over at my house and we watched some films and suddenly we realized that one of them was filmed in our school. It was quit amusing since it was about a little Hasidic village when it actually took place five meters from the classrooms. Tzvika used to learn in my school but he left two years ago and this year he finished his total 12 grads. I wanted to ask you, if you will be 19 by the time I?ll meat you, and I assume the exchange program will not be allowed to those who wont learn at this school next year, it couldn?t be your at the 12th grade. How come? Please explain. Okay, I?m sending you photo of my own but remember I?m not that photogenic! That?s all for now Yours truly, Jasmin. -------------- I just arrived at home.We went to our english-teacher to watch the video about the book we are reading in class. It will be the last year of this teacher at our school, so he invited us. But it was a little bit boring... First, my photo- yeah, i already found one but had no time yet to write a letter... but i promise to do on the weekend. I believe your "real friends" are quiet okay- thanks for telling me. No, i never tried any drugs. I know some people, also from school, that smoke grass sometimes, and if they want to its no problem for me, i`m just not interested in it. have you ever tried anything? Well, my friends. yes, you are right there are always people that feel cool and that are not self-confident enough to have their own opinion, style, ... i believe like nearly everybody i also tried to be like the others a long time, but i gave up. In the last years i would say i found myself , and everybody who does not accept me the way i am i do not want to be part of my life. So, i have a few good friends that are very important to me. i`m really looking on who are my friends. I don`t want to make efforts on stupid people. My two best friends are called Steffi and Dina, they will also take part in the exchange. we three spent together a lot of time and tell each other nearly everything, especially with steffi i can talk about hours. then i already told you about the good relationship to my sister. his three girls are most important for me. they are all quiet ordinary, not very different to me, but special in that way that i can trust them. They do not smoke, take drugs ...sometimes they have boyfriends, sometimes not... There are some boys that i would call friends. one i would like to tell you about is a really nice boy.He is not looking very good and really not cool, but just because he is not the way all the other boys are, i like him. there are of course some more. We are going to partys together. I very often go with a girl that i already know since we were four years old. Other you just meet on partys...Others i meet at sports. but there is really nobody strange-except mirco, a guy that is always drunk when i meet him at the weekend but so funny that i can only say, i love him :-)he is crazy.. talking about strange. maybe you are right and saying you are strange is really a compliment. I`m very happy that a strange girl is my exchange partner !!!! Thats really more interesting and there is a lot more to talk about. What about your best friend? Did you also asked him, if he wanted to be fixed up? I believe when he is your best friend he will be a nice guy. Maybe you can tell me something more about him. Whats his name, what is he looking like, ...? Oh, nearly midnight now, still want to have a shower and then sleeping in my bed, one of my favourite places i must say. until tomorrow, hug and kiss, yours susanne ----------- Well... hello again :) my favourite drink..hmm... any drink I gues.. beer is like the regular drink and realy strong drinks are for partys and liquers and other colorfull drinks are for special ocasions. I smoke regulary but the school musnt know that. thogh my parents know about it, if the school finds out theyll call the and get me to see the school psychayetrist. our teacher told us nothing about Hamburg's night life. I dont think they'd like us to go out... regular kids in my age dont smoke or drink or go out clubing or do anything fun! all they do is to go to the scouts and..I dont know.. talk on the phone and do theyr homework. I know one girl called Maya from my school. maybe youre talking about another Maya. the one I know is the cutest girl in school. she's now in the 12 grade. Im now waiting for a few friends to come over. we're going to lite a fire in my back yard and burn some marshmelos... maybe get a bit drunk.. we got holiday right now until wednesday. oh! I forgot to tell you. for it wont become a problem... I dont have any problem with un-kosher food. we dont keep any kosher habbits in my house as well. well..thats all for now Jasmin -- How are you? I`m fine, but time is really running away today. I wrote an biology test, and i really did not no anything...talking about school. There are 13 years in germany. I´m now in the 12th grade and next year is my last one. Did i understand right, that there are 12 years in israel like in the usa? so, i will be 19 in august, thats not unusual for people in my grade. in what grade are you? are all exchange students are from the same grade? From my school there will be me and two others from the coming 13th grade, five girls from the coming 12th and two from the 11th. But i believe there wil also be four or five people from others schools, but i do not know them yet, but tomorrow in the evening there will be a meeting of all german exchange students from germany. how big is your group? how many boys and girls? Do you know? my teacher said that there will be probably more students from israel than from germany. What you told me about Tzvika sounds quiet good! now there are two persons i´m looking forward to meet in autumn:-). about taking grass: i believe your attitude is it a problem to get in israel? here in hamburg it isn`t, but i believe you shouldn`t take during the exchange to avoid trouble. okay, i promised my mom to go to the supermarket and make lunch later, so thats all for the moment. ciao :-) susanne ------------- Hello Susanne! I must say, that last E-Mail you sent me was very interesting! Now, some answers… My family eats dinner together every evening. It’s our quality time since most of the day my parents at work and me and my sisters are at school. Though both of my parents work at the same company, which is localized in the basement of our house (a computer company called “chief”), we don’t get to see them much. Today I found out which Maya you were talking about. She’s in my class and she’s really funny. Were not that much of good friends, I guess that’s why I forgot about her when I read your mail. I don’t really know why the others don’t write your friends. I’ll ask them tomorrow, when I’ll be back in school. Oh! The sit in was great. It was so much fun. We have a swing and a slide (‘rucchdahl’) in my back yard. My father was born in Israel but my mother, her mom and my father’s parents were born in Argentina. My mother’s dad was born in Germany but we don’t talk about it with him a lot. It’s a sensitive subject for him and when he brings it up he starts to cry. Look… I heard about people that got out from the camps and hated everything German. But… two generations later… we just developed this weird black humor, like all of those holocaust jokes. Jewish people made those. At first, I guess it was just our way of dealing things. Now it’s more of “if we wont laugh about it, who will?”. I speak Hebrew, English, and a bit of Spanish. We learn Arabic for three years in junior high… but no one really listens to those lessens. My mother speaks Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. I couldn’t understand why your mother isn’t allowed to speak foreign language. Please tell me why. In Israel we’re familiar with most of the Christian costumes. Most of the programs shown in Israeli television are from the USA so we get to know through it all kinds of things. I still couldn’t understand your music style. I you could give me some examples of bands you like… Well… that’s all for now Jasmin. oh... I forgot to answer about one question. we dont usualy go to the sinagog. in hebrew it is called "beit kneset" the hosue of asembly. but we do say grace for the candles lightning, brad and win in fridays, but thats all. ---- Hello Susanne! :) To your question, my birthday is on April 5th. I hope to learn a bit German before I go to German, That way it maybe a bit easier for me to communicate with your mother. I understood German is very similar to English so I guess it wont be much of a problem. The words I know right now are danke(thank you), gutten tag(good day), gut (good), abend(evening, right?), morgen(tomorrow?). My mom will teach me some more words. I forgot to tell you. I’ve been to Germany once. My family and me traveled in Argentina for a few weeks. On our way back to Israel my parents decided to stay one night in a hotel in a nice little village (I don’t recall it’s name), since my father has already been to Germany a lot of times (he’s doing business there and also has a few friends there). It was beautiful, I must say. But one day doesn’t really show all of the attraction and beauty in your country. I’ll be glad to take you to some clubs in Tel Aviv or the area, but the clubs my friends and me go to are rock clubs, if you don’t have a problem with that it will be great. If you’d like better to go to a pop club, that’s no problem either, I can fix you with some friends of mine who goes to those places. What ever makes you happier. Now I have a few questions Do you have any problem with cats? Because I have to of those and you’ll probably wake up with most of their fur on you. Is it okay to smoke in your house? I don’t want to cause any inconvenient. Will your parents tell my teachers I smoke? Because, that cant be good :) In my hose you can smoke as much as you want just try not to do it near my little sisters. My mom says it’s bad influence. Do you like boys, girls or both? Just for background knowledge. And you haven’t told me yet what are your favorite films! That’s all for today Jasmin --- Hello Susanne! I don’t think my cats walk or jump on people who are asleep. Maybe they’ll sleep next to you but that’s all. I smoke about 4 or 5 cigarettes a day. I really don’t want to cause any problem. I’ll smoke wherever you’ll tell me to :) In my house there are two floors when the bathroom and the bedrooms are up stairs and the living room, the kitchen, the guest room and another bathroom are down stairs. The house was just rebuilt a few months ago so there are a bit of mess and boxes in the guestroom. We’ll clean it before your visit here. Before the construction I lived in the guest room and instead of the room who is mine now, we had a large balcony. Yes, each of my sisters and me have separate rooms. Ammm… My look. Okay. I’m about 1.62 tall; I have a straight brown hair (I hope it will be blue on it ends until the beginning of the next school year) that goes sown to my shoulders in the back and lower in front, I have brown-green eyes and a lot of freckles! I’ll try to send you a photo of me through the Internet. My address is: Jasmin Galker Habanim 15 Ness-Ziona 70400 Israel Can’t wait to party with you! :) Jasmin --- Hello Susanne! What did you mean when you asked if I have a handy? When I asked you if you like boys, girls or both I intended sexual interest. I’m sorry I haven’t answered that question in my last letter. I like boys and girls but I don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend at the moment. Maybe it’s a personal question, you don’t have to answer it if it disturbs you, but… are you a virgin? I can’t believe you are happy about the 30°C! When we get that kind of weather we complain about it all day long! I hope it will be a bit cooler in autumn. Will it snow in Germany when I’ll be there? Di Caprio and Pitt aren’t exactly my style. I’ll prefer maybe Malcolm McDowel thirty years ago, Tim Curry twenty years ago or Johnny Depp. I’m not that much of a sport fan but it will be very easy for you to find a lot of it in Israel, especially soccer. Do you know the “Rocky horror picture show”? I first found out about this film from my best friend who has seen it at the first time when his German exchange student took him for a rocky production. Have your travel mates got their letter from Israel yet? I think it was on your last letter when you told me how you look and the way you dress, and I only told you about my look. I always wear a San Tropes pants. Like those pants everyone worn on the sixties. I don’t know why, but most of the kids who like rock music wear this kind of pants in Israel. I just got addicted to it. I can’t wear any regular pants any more because the site of my shoes tops disturb me now. It’s weird, but I like it. There are only two shops in Israel who sells this kind of pants, I can take you there if you’d like to. And shirts? I guess, just plain T-shirts when it’s hot. But whenever I’ve got a chance to, I wear a long shirt. I’ve got this fetish for coldness. Most of the cloths in my closet are for cold weather. And for parties… sometimes a dress, sometimes just plain shirt and pants, it depends on where id it I’m going to and with whom. I think that’s all. Still working on sending you a photo. Kisses, Jasmin. By the way, I must start teach you how to swear in Hebrew! What words would you like to know? -- Hello Susanne! I guess if you’re asking me about my weekend, that you haven’t heard about what happened in Tel Aviv on Friday. An Arabic terrorist blast him self in front of a club near the beach called “The Patcha”. 19 boys and girls got killed. I believe the youngest was 14 years old. It was horrible. I’m now hearing the crying family members of those kids on T.V. Okay…back to your questions. Don’t let me depress you! Handy? We call it cellular phone or “cellulary”. Yes, I have one. My number is +972-54-903-124 if you’d like to send me any SMSs. My weight is about 60 kilos, maybe less; it’s been a long time since I weigh my self. Sizes of what would you like to find out about? I couldn’t understand. Now, sex :) first, lets make it clear, sex do not bother me. I promise to keep all things you will tell me connected to this concept in complete discrete. It wasn’t that much of a surprise for me to find out you’re a virgin. It’s quit all right. Israel isn’t exactly a 24-7 wild orgy. I’m very sorry about what happened to you with that boy. The same thing happened to me only I was the one who wanted him as my dearest and best friend and he wanted to be my boyfriend, saying he couldn’t be just a friend to a girl he’s attracted to. I cried all night, the day I told him it wouldn’t happen. I’m not a virgin. But I have only made sex with one guy, twice and with a girl, only once. As I’ve already told you, I’m not that normal. Besides me there is just one other boy on my age at school that aren’t a virgin. Have you ever had anything but kisses? Don’t make me give details! And now, me :) Well, I know my father knows about my bi-sexual interests. I also know that he once or twice told about it to my mother but I don’t think she has ever thought it was serious. My friends know about it. My male friends find it amusing to watch porn movies with me, and I don’t think any of my female friends find it disturbing. I sure hope they don’t. I’ll be glad to answer any of your questions! I don’t like people who think they know everything. Swear means curse, use bad language :) I’m so glad you wrote me hoe to say those words! Okay, now a bit Hebrew. Please (bevakasha), thank you (toda), hello or peace (shalom), yes and no (ken ve lo), ‘how are you’ when you are referring male (ma shlomcha?), ‘how are you’ when you’re referring a female (ma shlomech?), I’m fine (shlomy tov), what’s your name- male (eich korim lecha?), -female (eich korim lach), my name is Susanne (korime li Susanna), where are you from-male (me’eifo ata), -female (me’eifo at), I’m from Germany ( ani mi’germanya), how old are you- male (ben kama ata), -female (bat kama at), I’m 18/19 years old (ani bat shmona-esre / tesha-esre). I know it’s a bit complicated, I’ll help you, don’t worry :) And just for extras: party (mesiba), club (moadon), beer (beera), boys (banim), girls (banot), cigarettes (sigaryot), music (musica). Well, I think you’ll be just fine in I srael with that kind of vocabulary. Please send your parents the best regards from my parents and myself. I’ll be waiting for your next letter Jasmin -- Hello Susanne! We are not suppose to stay at home because of the terror event but most parents prefer now that their kids will stay away from crowded places. I don’t think I’m afraid; it kind of became a daily matter in our life. I guess we just got use to it. They talked with us about this at school, but there wasn’t much to say. All students followed the news during the weekend so we already knew all about it. Oh, no! I didn’t expect you to be a virgin! You wrote that it maybe weird for me that an 18 years old girl is a virgin, I meant to say that it wasn’t because it’s not that uncommon in Israel that a girl your age is a virgin. It got nothing to do with the impression you made! Do I like sex? :) Actually I prefer the fore game, but that’s just me. Boys or girls? I guess it’s the same for me, of course it depends on what girl and what boy. I’m glad you like talking with me about this maters, more questions? Very well. Have you ever thought about being with a girl? I know that a lot straight girls try these things lately, I really don’t know why. Have you ever thought about kinky sex? Like sado masochist or bondage and domination? I had a boyfriend that was a BDSM and always wanted me to dress up in corsages and garters, and let him to tie me up and spank me. I never agreed, though I do have a little sado-masochist side in me, I don’t like BD. Most of my friends are masochists. I don’t why. 24-7 means “24 hours in 7 days”, that expression means “all the time”. Oh, back to sex for a moment. If you’d like to, I can fix you up with a friend of mine, just for fun for the week and a half you’ll be here. It’s up to you. As I wrote you already, I used to write songs for my bend. Well, a few days ago I found a song I wrote and a few months ago tried to translate it to English. It’s not one of my best, but it was the only one that sounded good in English. And I never even finished it! It goes like this: So tired of living But too scared to die Those uniform on him Makes him really shy He looks at the mirror And kisses his mom With a gun in his right And in the left there’s a bomb He’s mentally ready And physically prepared Though he knows that besides him No one really cared Not the best I can do, but its good enough That’s all for today Yours truly Jasmin -- --- Hello Susanne! To your questions, most of my friends are heterosexual. I have one female homosexual friend, which with I haven’t spoken for the longest time. Most of my friends are a bit older than me. My best friend is 18 and half years old. I used to have older friends but somehow I lost the connection with them. I think most of my friends are rock fans but every one of them likes different kind of rock. Favorite bands… Ten Years After, Sex Pistols, Toy Dolls, Gorillaz, Shakespace, ATB, Placebo and a lot more. Oh! And I used to be a big Robbie Williams fan. In Hebrew, there’s a saying says “strange is special” and all the teachers make sure we’ll remember that saying and be nice to those who are different than us, it’s kind of hypocrite, because I know that if they’ll know how “special” I am they’ll kick me out of school. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t have a problem with the word strange and I don’t ever see it in the “bad meaning” of it. Okay, a bit more about my friends. It’s like this, there are “my friends”, and they are all of the people, just trying to be them selves with out any stigmas about how people should act or look because of the music they like. Most of the people in that group like also the 60’s style and techno. I like them the best. But there are also my “freaky friends” who think they’ll be ‘so cool’ if they’ll listen to heavy metal and wear black clothes. Most of them are plain stupids. I met most of them in the period of my life when I used to be like them. It was about a year ago and I’m so ashamed of it. Besides them being dumb, they are really fun to hang with; you just learn how to ignore their stupidity. In both groups there are people who use drugs. Usually not more that plain grass, none of them ever went to L.S.D or things like that. Have you ever tried anything? You can relax :) I wont fix you up with anyone weird if you don’t want to :). I was thinking about my best friend, the one who is 18 and half years old. I think it would be nice! My songs… I have songs about love but… I never thought they were that good. Most of my friends will do anything to get out of joining the I.D.F. I didn’t write this song about my self. I write my songs about what I see, what I feel. Sometimes I just write silly songs, just to see the smiles of the ones who hear it. Like I once wrote a song about a holiday we have. In this holiday, we are supposed to light fire and to burn marshmallows and potatoes until the sun comes up; so I wrote the song from a pyromaniac point of view. It came up very funny. I don’t think I’m tired of living. Why should I? It just got interesting! What about you picture? the way, how are your friends? Mine will come shortly. That’s all for now Jasmin -- Hello ! Okay, I have tried grass and hashish. I try to have long brakes between each time I take it because I don’t want to get addicted to it. About your friend Mirco, crazy people are always the best. (you’ll find a lot of thise in Israel!) You said you are happy that a strange girl is your exchange partner; you have no idea what a great complement that was. :) About my best friend, I don’t think he’ll resist being fixed up. His name is Tzvika. Its not a very ordinary name in Israel. My mom told me Tzvika means a kind of personification of the name Hirsch in German. This name was more common 50 years ago. A lot of people tell him he looks like a lot of different famous people: Jim Morison, Bono from U2 and a lot more. He has black curly hair, brown eyes… I think. I don’t know… but he looks really great. I can’t tell you if he looks sexy or anything like that because I don’t look at him that way. But he’s really sweet. At Friday he came to sleep over at my house and we watched some films and suddenly we realized that one of them was filmed in our school. It was quit amusing since it was about a little Hasidic village when it actually took place five meters from the classrooms. Tzvika used to learn in my school but he left two years ago and this year he finished his total 12 grads. I wanted to ask you, if you will be 19 by the time I’ll meat you, and I assume the exchange program will not be allowed to those who wont learn at this school next year, it couldn’t be your at the 12th grade. How come? Please explain. Okay, I’m sending you photo of my own but remember I’m not that photogenic! That’s all for now Yours truly, Jasmin. -- Hello! Okay, in Israel there are 12 grades, I didn’t know there are 13 in Germany. All of the exchange students, including my self, are at the 9th grade at the moment. At the moment there are 18 students in ex change group, which is the minimum quantity of people in an ex change group. Our teacher has 10 names of German ex change students, so I guess it might happened that a few Israeli students will stay at one German student’s home. Oh! Today I told Tzvika about fixing you two up. I think he was a bit mad about me not telling him about it before, but its okay. He’s used to this king of stuff. In Israel there’s no problem to get grass, the problem is to get good grass, which is rare here. I think some one should try any kind of drugs (including alcohol, cigarettes) only when he surly knows and understands that even the thing that makes you happy and gives you the most extreme pleasure, if you’ll do/take it too much – it just wont be fun any more. Just like eating too many chocolates. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that when I start smoking. I do believe that for a person to be complete, he or she should try anything anyone ever tried before, at least once. But it takes a lot of weal power to not try it more than you should, so I don’t recommend it to just any one. I, too, don’t believe I should take any grass during my staying in Germany. I think blowing my mind with alcohol will be just enough :) Now Tzvika is also waiting for your photo, needless to say, so do I. :) He asked if fixing him up with you is like a trading deal for someone you’ll fix me up with in Germany, I told him he’s just a temporary pretty furniture and that you’ll just use him for your own entertainment and than you wont ever call him because he’ll mean nothing more to you than just a one night stand. He laughed :) Well, that’s all for now Aufwiedersehen! Jasmin --