Shabi's recommendations of the Ramadan 99 shows and celebrations
I want to tell you about the best shows and performances to the Ramadan 99 vacation, which we fire seven cabins and the fucking sexton (who owns me 50 dollars) on it.

The Pervert 2000

The show's director: Yehuda Barkan* . Dudu Zar in the main role. A special appearance of Danuta** . A light plot that makes you feel uncomfortable. During the show, the audience will get tipples. During the break, diskettes with an "Arnon Zadock*** tries to roll his lazy eye" screensaver will given to the audience. The show deals with a pervert from Bnei-Brak**** , who has two Yamakas. The show length: four days. Show's cost: 2 black Pugs***** and a Patzaz. Please, come without a top clothing. For the genre fans.
The Pestigo'al****** 99

With the hated-on-children stars: Hafez El-Assad******* , Azmi Bshara, Zeev Revach******** casting the underdog and with 101 Palestinian refugees. The show contains freak-show, for example: Zeev Revach laughs till Azmi Bshara bleeds from his ear. Show's length: a hour, and the sooner - the better. For the genre fans.
The beauty who falls asleep [During the sex] 2000

The show's satrs: Orna & Moshe Datz********* and Datz Junior. Orna embodies Moshe. Moshe embodies Orna. Batz embodies Datz junior. An erotic comedy for the young aged. A show about the sex-life of the Datz couple: Moshe realizes that his wife's breasts were exposed during a raid on a "Hypernetto" store, and decides to develop a career of a singer, ironically. The show's name doesn't testifies about its content, it is just taken from the daily reality of the Datz couple. The show's length: till Orna (embodied by Moshe) cums. (a typical quotation: "Swallow it, and the sooner - the better!"). For the genre fans.
The miserable 2000

Director: Yehoshua Matza********** . Show's stars: Dennis Rodman and Muli Shapira*********** . The story of people with difficulties who deal with the Israeli reality of the 50's, when NBA players and "Galey Zahal" entertainment shows hosts were discriminated. With a special appearance of "Dekel the Calf" that will tell "Why does everyone call me moron" and Eli Luzon************ that will tell the story of "the Albino from the Balkan". During the breaks, the audience will get kosher pork-sandwiches from Eyal Golan's mother************* . Show's length: as the length of the exile. For the genre fans.
Around the crossroads by 70$ '99
Directed by: Nissim Mishal and Yaffa Yarkoni************** . Starring: Oded Menashe and his mother. A story about her life in the Vulkan crossroads. No words could describe it. Length of the show: 40 miles. For the genre fans.
Pestizevel 1944 (reair)
Directed by: Margalit Tzan'anni*************** . Starring: Azriel Zevel, Avihu Medina and Farouq A-Shara**************** . A play accompanied by the sound track of "Hagiga Ba'Snuker"***************** . Avihu Medina renewes the "The Jewish Mother". During the play, sperm-filled doughnuts will be given to the audience. The audience will get video cassettes of "Jerry Springer - Improve your sex life" as well. Play's length: N/A. For the genre fans.
When you grow up you'll became Dubi Gal***************

Directed by Dan Margalit**************** . Dubi Gal in the main role. Dubi Gal acts himself in the period of his first (and short) marrige to Helen Keller. The show is full of metaphors and cliches. Fasten your handkerchief, because Dubi Gal is cold. Canvas is better. Length of the show: as the length of the expectations. For the genre fans.
Bilby 2000
Director: Ronny Harrary. Starring: Dan Avi-Isaac***************** . A show based on the strongest girl all over the underworld - Bilby Bitton. A story about a girl with hairs on her chest. The show's length: if you leave in the middle - you'll get a stab. For the genre fans and for "OZ" fans.

*= Yehuda Barkan is an Israeli actor and director. He used to make Candit Camera films.
**= Danuta is a swedish sexy woman, used to act in Yehuda Barkan's candit camera films.
***= Arnon Zadock is an Israeli actor and director too. He has a glass eye, as a result of an accident.
****= Beni-Brak is a city whose orthodox jews live in.
*****= Pugs are little carton circles, which children used to play with them. A Patzaz is the "Pug" which bombs the other normal Pugs.
******= The original name should be "The Pestigal". The Pestigal is a performace for kids that takes place every Hannukah.
*******= Hafez El-Assad is the president of Syria.
********= Zeev Revach is also an Israeli former actor. By the way, he used to host a show on friday night with Arnon Zadock(***).
*********= Orna and Moshe Datz are a married couple in the reality. They are singers who perform together.
**********= Yehoshua Matza is a former health minister of Israel.
***********= Muli Shapira hosts an entertainment show in a radio station called "Galey Zahal".
************= Eli Luzon is an albino singer.
*************= Eyal Golan is an Israeli singer. His mother stars in a commercial which she prepare a sandwich to her son.
**************= Nissim Mishal is a host of a political show on television; Yaffa Yarkoni is a veteran singer.
***************= Margalit Tzan'anni is an Israeli singer.
****************= Avihu Medina is an Israeli singer; Farouq A-Shara is the Syrian foreign minister.
*****************= "Hagiga Ba'Snuker" (=a party in the pool [the game]) is an Israeli old film.
******************= Dubi Gal is an Israeli actor.
*******************= Dan Margalit hosts a political show on television and a news journal afternoon.
********************= Ronny Harrary is a criminal; Dan Avi-Isaac is a famous lawer. (He represents Ofer Nimrodi).